Decorating Ideas for Your Rental

decorating ideas for your rentalLiving in a rental can sometimes be tough, especially for those that wish to decorate, but feel as if they can’t.

However, even if your rental – whether an apartment or home – isn’t 100% yours, you can still make it feel like home by adding some personal touches to your decorating.

Let “Decorating Ideas for Your Rental” inspire you to make your rental more “you.”

  1. Use Floating Shelves for Personalization

There’s no easier way to personalize you rental than by adding a few floating shelves to your décor.  Floating shelves can be utilized to showcase virtually anything your heart desires including photos, art work, vases, knickknacks, and much, much more.

  1. Feature Presentation – Your Life

Adding a boatload of photos of your life, family and friends is probably one of the easiest, and let’s not forget inexpensive, decorating ideas you can use for using up blank wall space.  With a large array of frames, you’re sure to find some that will go with almost everything.

  1. Add a Living and Breathing Element

Adding a living and breathing element, in the way of plants (as long as you have a bit of a green thumb), can make your rental feel like home in no time at all.  For a pop of color or a beautiful aroma, here’s a decorating idea, you’re sure to like:  incorporate your favorite plants.

  1. Embrace the Light

Some of your rental’s original elements, including its lighting fixtures, can pose a bit of a decorating challenge.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t replace them.  Embrace the light by adding new fixtures to your rental; just remember to keep the old ones!

  1. Add a Pop of Color with Pillows

Sometime the smallest decoration ideas can make the biggest impact.  Bring personality, color and class to your rental with plenty of throw pillows.  They come in all sizes and shapes, and are fairly inexpensive.

  1. Welcome Mats

A welcome mat that shows off your inner personality and/or style preferences is one of the simplest and most inexpensive purchases that you can make when decorating your rental to feel like home.cozy bedroom decorating ideas for your rental

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