How to Prevent Water Damage to Your Property: Kitchen Culprits

Everyone has found some kind of leak in their house or a property they have owned before. Maybe you have found a drip under the sink or a tiny bubble in your paint; nothing too major; this is where you’re wrong.  These are warning signs to a bigger problem.  All of these things can point to rotting wood or mold problems that you cannot see. Prevention can save you thousands of dollars in repairs, so here are some tips on how to spot when you have a problem.

Finding Kitchen Leaks In Your Property

One of the most likely places you are going to find and overlook a leak is in the kitchen.  So what’s a tiny leak when you can wipe it up with a kitchen towel?  Over time these small leaks can turn into huge repair bills for your property. Here are some warning signs that you might have a leak in your property’s kitchen:

  • If you find warped, soft, or discolored flooring; water damage on your cabinets near your dishwasher can mean there is a leak in the connecting hose
  • If you find any pools of water around your refrigerator and it has an automatic ice maker, this can mean that your water line is crimped and ready to burst
  • If you find any deteriorated caulk around your sink, this means that you could have a leak in the pipes under the sink

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