How to Prevent Water Damage to Your Property: Roof

Have you ever found a leak in your house before?  The answer is probably yes. Maybe you found a leaking sink or a tiny bubble in your paint, nothing too major; this is where you’re wrong. These are warning signs to a bigger problem that may cost you thousands of dollars in repair bills. All of these things can point to rotting wood or mold problems that you cannot see. Here are some tips on how to spot when you have a problem.

Finding Roof Leaks in Your Property

Some of the warning signs that you might have a leak in your roof are unexplained wet spots on your floor, bubbling in the paint on your ceiling, or water stains on your ceiling. Roof leaks are also very common found around plumbing vents, chimneys, and attic vents.  There are also warning signs on the outside of your home like algae, mold, buckling shingles, curling shingles, damaged flashing, roof rot, and missing shingles.  If you think that your home might have a leak try to locate where the leak is occurring and then measuring the distance to the nearest outside wall.  Then locate this spot in the attic.  Remember that the water may be leaking from a different location on the roof and running along the truss, rafters, or attic floor before making its way through the ceiling.  If you locate a leak make sure that it is fixed immediately since water damage can ruin the integrity or your entire roof. A good property manager will know how to catch these problems.

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