Is Your Property Ready to Rent?

for rentThe experienced team at Pro-Edge Property Management is honored to be your resource for renting or leasing your property. Are you thinking of renting or leasing your property? We can help you determine if you are rent ready. Below is a helpful maintenance checklist that will ensure that your property is in rentable condition.  A property that is not in rentable condition can not be listed for rent. Completion of these listed items will prevent costly delays and additional maintenance coordination fees.


  • Clean all bathroom/kitchen fixtures, appliances and counter tops, drawers and shelves.
  • Clean all floor coverings, carpets must be professionally cleaned.
  • All door locks must be in working order and should be keyed alike. Deadbolt locks must be installed on each exterior entry door. Four complete sets of keys should be supplied to the management company.
  • Clean all windows inside/out, replace any missing or damaged screens.
  • Complete repairs as needed to ensure that all components of the house are in working order.
  • The wood stove flue should be cleaned prior to each seasonal use. Clear any debris from roof & gutters.
  • All smoke alarms must be in working order. You must have smoke alarms in each bedroom and one at each hallway area on each floor level of the house.
  • Must install a carbon monoxide detector inside the house.
  • Weed eat and clear a minimum thirty foot firebreak perimeter around the house and all structures within the property lot lines.
  • Paint and patch any interior wall or ceiling surfaces that are marked or damaged.
  • Repair any unsafe deck, stairs or railings.
  • Remove all belongings from house, if any items are left an inventory list should be provided if you wish to have these items accounted for during our move/in and move/out inspections.
  • Leave all owner’s manuals, special care instructions and garage door openers in the house on the kitchen counter. Additional copies of any special care instructions should be provided to the management company.
  • Provisions should be made to keep the yard landscaping watered and maintained if your unit is to be vacant during the summer through fall months.
  • Provisions should be made to winterize a vacant unit to protect from freezing.
  • Provisions should be made to winterize and cover swamp coolers in the winter months to prevent freezing.

So, is your property ready to rent?  We hope that this Owners Maintenance Checklist has been helpful.  And, if you have other questions or need a quality property manager — contact us at Pro Edge today!  By phone 831-438-3343, send an email or visit our website.

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