Lifestyle Choices: Your Home & Community

Master Planned Communities, lifestyle choicesIf you are considering moving into a new home and/or community, it is important to give some thought to the lifestyle you want for yourself, as well as your family. Odds are good that you will find the home and community that meshes with your lifestyle to a tee if you just set your mind to it.

Lifestyle Choices: Consider This

Whether you are fitness enthusiast, an urban sophisticate, a beach lover or an inspiring golfer, there are houses, and, of course communities out there just waiting for people like you to make into their home.

But first; a large variety of factors should be considered prior to determining which home you should rent or purchase. You will want to ask yourself questions such as the following when making your final decision:

  • How many bedrooms do we need?
  • What will our daily work-to-home commute be on average?
  • What special features (i.e. big backyard, 4-car garage, pool, stainless steel appliances, etc.) would we like our home to have?
  • What amenities (i.e. schools, amusement parks, beaches, restaurants, walking/biking trails, entertainment, golf, etc.) would we like nearby?

With a little bit of research – which I honestly always recommend – you can find a new home in a community that is best suited to your particular needs and budget requirements.

California’s Real Estate Market

Along California’s state limits is wonderful variety of properties to fit any taste – from Italianate mansions and village inns, to Cape Cods and Victorians, to rustic beach cabins and gingerbread cottages – there’s something for everyone and every lifestyle.

Residents have their choice of diverse interior designs, beautiful architectural styles, and more. Finding a home that matches your lifestyle is just as important as finding a community that offers all of the amenities that appeal to you.

When it comes to homes that reside in master-planned communities, which there is definitely no shortage of, nothing is left up to chance. To create a sense of community, many housing developers have started incorporating amenities such as:

  • Tot lots and playgrounds
  • Water landscaping features
  • Neighborhood aquatic centers
  • Jogging/biking trails throughout
  • Sports complexes and golf courses

Determining which types of amenities are available within a community is just one more method potential buyers/renters can use in evaluating whether their new home and community matches their lifestyle.

This is especially important when you consider the fact that your new home will likely be at the epicenter of your lifestyle for years to come. If you would like help determining where you should live, contact ProEdge Property Management at 831-438-3343.

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