Locating Pet Friendly Housing

As a true animal lover, I quite frequently encounter one story after another about how a family has to relinquish their four legged family member, because they have to move to a no-pet zone.  This is in fact one of the most common reasons pet owners give for relinquishing their dog or cat to a shelter.  While locating pet friendly housing may be difficult – not to mention time consuming – it is the end result that makes it all worthwhile.puppy and kitten at food dish

Read on for my best recommendations for finding the perfect pet friendly housing rental for both you and your animal companion:

Tip #1 – Stick with Pet Friendly Listings

This is by far the best recommendation I can give you.  Be sure to check local listings and to talk to a local property management firm, such as Proedge Property Management, for pet friendly housing listings in the area you are looking to relocate to.

Tip #2 – Get a Letter of Recommendation

Ask your existing landlord, your veterinarian, your trainer and/or your groomer for a letter of recommendation on your ability to be a good tenant as well as a responsible pet owner.

Tip #3 – Be Honest

This is one of the most important things you can do in order to prove to your prospective new landlord that you are a responsible pet owner.  If you attempt to move in with your pet and they find out (which they will) you may be faced with an eviction notice and the possibility of any legal ramifications.

Tip #4 – Introduce Your Pet

If your pet is well-behaved 100% it may pay to introduce him or her to your prospective new landlord; however; if your pet is one of those that require a bit of courting before they show their love now may not be the best time to introduce the two.

Tip #5 – Get it in Writing

Did you find a place that said they’d take your pet?  Get in it writing.  Most often, you’ll be required to pay a little bit extra per month (pet rent), and throw down a pet security deposit when signing your lease.  Just make sure all of the information you discussed regarding your pet is in there before you sign.

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