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California’s property management industry goes through leaps and bounds – as is the case with virtually every other industry – and is deeply dependent on location, location, and you guessed it…location.  This is especially true as renters can be seen emerging throughout California’s more walkable neighborhoods, those where work, school and play are in close proximity.

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released a new mapping tool, dubbing it the Census Explorer, in conjunction with their American Community Survey (ACS).  The tool provides renters and real estate management with an in-depth look into California’s neighborhoods.  Information to found include median household income, labor force participation, total population and home ownership rates.

The Census Explorer, spanning from 1990 to 2012, produces the aforementioned data on a specific county and neighborhood just by zooming in, making it possible to compare several different demographics when attempting to locate “prime” real estate.   As you can imagine, “prime” real estate depends on many variables, and defers with each renter’s perspective.

In California only 56% of its 12,466,331 occupied housing units are actually occupied by homeowners.  Also, trends show, that in counties closer to the water (i.e. San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Santa Mateo) renting is more likely.  The Census Explorer is a great resource for gathering the information most require when seeking to relocate, no matter the reason, since every market is most assuredly different than that of the next one.

Learn more information surrounding your neighborhood, or the one you are interested in relocating to, by visiting the Census Bureau’s “Census Explorer”.  It’s actually quite fun to play with!  Once you’ve gained the perspective needed to commit to one specific neighborhood, contact us to help you secure your new single or multifamily home, by calling us at (831) 438-3343 or by visiting our website.  See our blog’s inspiration here.



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