Searching for Your Next Rental Online

How To Search the Internet For Your Next Rental

Searching for your next rental onlineExhausting, time-consuming, dangerous…these three words can be used to accurately describe searching for your next rental online. The word dangerous is used because of the many rental scams out there (see last month’s posting).

Thankfully, however, there are many resources available (if you take the time to look) that will make the process of locating your next home easier – not to mention safer – for all parties involved.

You can even use a few of the following resources to locate movers – thus making the chore of moving less of a pain in the butt. So stop looking on Craigslist and take a gander at our list of rental resources:
Resource #1: Pro-Edge Property Management
This one’s a snap! Just type in the location (remember these three words: location, location, location) you want to be in, your rental price range, the type of rental you’re seeking, and the amount of beds and baths you want.

From California bungalows and craftsman style homes to historic Victorians and mini-mansions, we’re sure to have a property that matches your needs and wants, while remaining within your budget.

Resource #2: is your one-stop-shop for everything related to moving. You can get up-to six free moving quotes, calculate the total cost of your move, calculate how many packing supplies you’ll require, and more.

You tell them about your move, choose the movers that appeal to you and compare quotes all from the comfort of your own home. They can additionally help with international moves, truck rentals and auto transports.

Resource #3: I Am Moving

This online resource, which is simple and free to use, alleviates some of the stress associated with moving by notifying more than 1500 organizations including utility companies that you’ll be moving.

Searching For Your Next Rental Online Safely

  • If it seems “too good to be true,” then you’re chances of getting scammed are fairly high. Look for similar homes in the area you’re looking to rent in to determine the realistic rental price.
  • Make sure to meet with your prospective landlord or property manager in person rather than communicating with them online or by phone. You should also check their credentials.
  • Never use Western Union, MoneyGram, or an online escrow company when sending in your down payment, security deposits or escrow money. It’s advisable to pay in person and get receipts.
  • Before “renting” your new home or apartment, always make sure to view it, both inside and out. Many prospective renters have been swindled out of their hard earned money by not viewing the property first-hand.
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