Top 5 Tenant Tips – Choose the Right Tenant

How do you choose the right tenant for your California property?

California tenant property managementAt Pro Edge Property Management we understand just how important choosing the right tenant is.  Having the right tenant in your property can make a world of difference during the lease.  The tenant selection process is not an easy one.  When you, the landlord, select a tenant — you are essentially giving the keys to your house over to a stranger.  So, instead of handing those keys over blindly — you can do a bit of research that will help you predict if that new tenant will be a good occupant.  There are several “red flags” that you can look for when pre-screening tenants.

Our experience as professional property managers has given us some insight on this matter.  Below are just 5 tips to help you choose the right tenant for you.

Always Follow the Federal Fair Housing Rules – for info on the Fair Housing Rules –  (click here)


1. Pre Screen Applicants – Most applicants will understand that there is an application process.  Some personal information will need to be provided in order for you to make a well informed decision. Be sure to get a valid ID and references.

2.  Complete a Credit Check – The right tenant should have a good credit standing.  You will want an individual that is financially stable and responsible when paying their own bills.  This will be a good indicator that they will pay their rent on time.

3. Perform a Criminal Background Check -The right tenant should have a clean criminal background.  Criminal records and information are a matter of public record.  This check will share both major and minor offenses. There is no nationwide database so doing a complete and thorough background check can be difficult.  Furthermore; some states, such as California, prohibit landlords from discriminating against tenants with certain convictions. You may want to hire a professional to assist in this.  We can help! For other tips on Background Checks visit our Resource Article on

4.  Verify Rental History & References – The right tenant should have a rental history that can be verified.  Previous landlords or property managers are always willing to recommend a good tenant.  References should also be contacted.  Be sure to ask open ended questions instead of simple yes/no — you may be surprised at the info people are willing to share, when you ask.

5. Confirm Income – Every landlord or property manager has their own process for confirming an applicants income.  It should not be difficult to verify.  If the applicant is willing to share paystubs, bank statements or employment contact info – then those are good sources.  Be sure to verify.  An honest tenant is a good indicator of a good tenant.

These are the top 5 but there are many other indicators that can help in the process of choosing the right tenant.  Sometimes, finding the right tenant will require the help of the right professional.  At ProEdge we have years of experience in managing properties for homeowners throughout California.  We have found the right tenant for the right property…over and over again.  We would be honored to assist you in this too!  Contact ProEdge today by calling 831.438.3343 or contact us by email.


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