What Does A Property Manager Do? – Maintenance and Repair

What Is A Property Manager?

We are sure that you have heard the term property manager thrown around but what does a property manager actually do?  Well Pro Edge has the answers you are looking for.

A property managers responsibilities can vary depending on what you need and your budget.  These responsibilities can range from dealing with property maintenance to taking legal actions against tenants.

Property Managers Responsibility for Maintenance and Repair

Being responsible for physical management of your property can be one of the jobs of a property manager.  This can mean that they are to take on the task of regular maintenance and emergency repairs of your property.

Repairs – If there is an issue with your property such as a leak or faulty wiring the property manager will be responsible to fix these issues or hire someone that can fix them for you.  One of the perks of hiring a property manager is that they already have a reliable network of maintenance and repair men that you might not be able to have access to otherwise.

Maintenance  – A property manager will be responsible for any preventative maintenance to your property to keep it functioning and in well repair.  This can mean regular inspections of plumbing and roofing to landscaping and trash removal.

Hiring a property manager can be a great investment if you have a property but don’t want to be your own landlord.

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