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2014 California Laws for Housing

This may be a little late in the game, but it is still important to note that according to the California Apartment Association (CAA), there are several new 2014 California laws that have either already gone into effect with the New Year or are to go into effect before the year is out.  Many of […]

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Who is at fault? Landlord or Tenant

When an injury occurs at your property — who is at fault….  the Landlord or the Tenant ? This brings up an interesting topic that is the concern of many property owners & landlords across California.  Discovering your liability is an important matter and there are many factors to consider.  At Pro-Edge Property Management, we […]

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Top 5 Tenant Tips – Choose the Right Tenant

How do you choose the right tenant for your California property? At Pro Edge Property Management we understand just how important choosing the right tenant is.  Having the right tenant in your property can make a world of difference during the lease.  The tenant selection process is not an easy one.  When you, the landlord, […]

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Is Your Property Ready to Rent?

The experienced team at Pro-Edge Property Management is honored to be your resource for renting or leasing your property. Are you thinking of renting or leasing your property? We can help you determine if you are rent ready. Below is a helpful maintenance checklist that will ensure that your property is in rentable condition.  A […]

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Prices Are Rising, Inventory is Low … A Great Time to Sell Your Home?

Been thinking about selling your home but waiting for the real estate market to improve?  Well, according to The Huffington Post home prices in California are on the rise.  This summer housing prices have increased by more than 30% in California and 7% nationwide.  This is good news if you are thinking of selling.  Furthermore, […]

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What Does A Property Manager Do? – Maintenance and Repair

What Is A Property Manager? We are sure that you have heard the term property manager thrown around but what does a property manager actually do?  Well Pro Edge has the answers you are looking for. A property managers responsibilities can vary depending on what you need and your budget.  These responsibilities can range from […]

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